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Hourly Workers

Hourly workers are notoriously short-changed when it comes to overtime pay. These employees work hard and deserve to obtain all wages that they have honestly earned. Our hourly wage lawyers have substantial experience representing hourly workers who have not been paid correctly.

Hourly employees have legal rights relating to breaks, minimum wage, working off the clock, vacation and time off, illegal wage deductions and inaccurate wage statements. Hourly workers have special issues when it comes to receiving honest and fair payment. Those issues can include non-payment for:

  • Incorrect rate of pay

  • Failure to pay for time spent donning and doffing protective or sanitary gear

  • “Off the Clock” Work

  • Auto-Deduction of Lunch Breaks

  • Improper use of per diems

  • Underreported Hours

  • Failing to properly calculate overtime for employees who receive two rates


  • Food Processing

  • Maintenance

  • Sanitation

  • Recruiters

  • Refinery Workers

  • Call Center Workers

  • Meter Readers

  • School District Employees

  • Security Guards

  • Restaurant Workers

  • Stadium Workers

  • Retail Workers

  • Inside and Outside Salespeople

Millions of U.S. workers in a number of industries fall victim to employers who fail to comply with federal and state wage and hour laws.

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